The Problem(s) with Standards

Evangelist Dave Young

I have had standards all of my life.  I suppose most people have.  My parents had them and as a result we kids had them too.  My dad didn’t wear facial hair and to this day believes I shouldn’t either. My mom did not wear slacks and neither did my sister.  I could take my shirt off while working outside in the fields or in the garden, but shorts were not permitted. Those were our standards and I lived by them. We had standards in the schools I attended and I also had them on my first job!  All of us are familiar with standards.

Christian standards are necessary for several reasons.  Some are simple obedience to a Biblical Command.  Fornication is not permitted because the Bible clearly teaches that it is not to be “once named among you” (Ephesians 5:3). My standard about not drinking alcoholic beverages is…

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